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  The company 3R Green SRL was established in 2008 and operates in the field of recycling of various materials, which once completed the use cycle are taken over for the recovery and reuse of recyclable components, as well as the disposal of environmentally hazardous components.

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        Analytik Jena is a leading provider of analytical measuring technology, instruments in the field of molecular biology, and liquid handling and lab automation technologies. The company is present for its customers in many industries, as well as over 100 countries. Analytik Jena’s analysis instruments are used whenever precision and reliability are required. Whether it isresearch, water analysis, environmental monitoring, health care, or quality control, the company’s devices guarantee that strict standards have been maintained.

         Analytik Jena stands for high-end analytical instrumentation with superior quality made to the demands of our customers. Innovative technology that convinces with a unique analytical performance is continuously developed and manufactured at R&D and production sites throughout Germany. Analytik Jena`s “Made in Germany” high-performance analysis systems fulfill the needs of its customers: Highest quality, unparalleled precision and innovative technology, durability and robustness. Proven technology combined with modern, innovative solutions for working even more precisely, quickly, efficiently and economically.

Main analytical instruments produced by Analytik Jena are:

  • High-Performance ICP-MS: PlasmaQuant MS / MS Elite
  • High-Resolution Array ICP-OES: PlasmaQuant PQ 9100 / PQ 9100 Elite
  • Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy: novAA, ZEEnit, contrAA
  • UV VIS Spectroscopy: SPECORD Series
  • Sum Parameter Analysis: multi N/C – TOC/TN, multi X – AOX/TOX, EOX, POX
  • Elemental Analysis: Carbon, Sulfur, Nitrogen and Chlorine (multi EA® series)
  • Life Science: PCR Workstations & Cabinets, PCR & qPCR Thermal Cycler. Sample Preparation



APEL LASER – leader in the distribution and integration of laser systems and instruments. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has made us a trusted name in Romania and Southeast Europe. With over 21 years of experience, we continue to push the boundaries of laser technology.

Mission & Values
At APEL LASER, our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality laser systems and instruments. We strive to exceed expectations by delivering innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and technological advancement drives everything we do.

Product Range

  • Scientific Cameras: High-performance cameras for research and analysis.
  • Analytical Tools: Comprehensive tools for advanced analysis and research.
  • Cold Sheet Forming Machines and Profiles: State-of-the-art machinery for precision sheet metal forming.
  • Optics and Optomechanical Components: High-quality components for optical systems and laser applications.
  • Climate Monitoring Systems: Cutting-edge systems for accurate climate monitoring.
  • Custom Solutions: Tailored solutions to meet unique requirements.
  • Lasers: A wide range of lasers for diverse applications.
  • Microscopy and Accessories: Microscopes and accessories for detailed analysis.
  • 3D Printing: Innovative 3D printing solutions for various industries.
  • Spectrometers: High-performance spectrometers for precise spectral analysis.
  • Laboratory Equipment: A comprehensive range of laboratory equipment.
  • Deburring and Straightening Machines: Precision machines for deburring and straightening.
  • Advanced Scientific Materials: Cutting-edge materials for scientific experiments.
  • Laser Systems: Comprehensive laser systems for various applications.
  • Light Sources: Advanced light sources for diverse applications.
  • Quality Service: Tailored guidance, professional installation, ongoing technical assistance, and smart solutions for enhanced efficiency.


Why Choose APEL LASER?
Field Proficiency: Our team boasts decades of collective experience in the laser industry and scientific instrumentation, committed to both industry and research sectors.
Quality Products: We exclusively collaborate with reputable manufacturers to guarantee the delivery of the highest quality products.
Customized Solutions: We prioritize close collaboration with our clients to tailor solutions that precisely meet their unique requirements.
Technical Support: Our dedicated technical support team remains readily available to address any inquiries or concerns you may have, ensuring smooth operations and peace of mind.

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Phone: +40 21 31 70 910
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We look forward to partnering with you to deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive innovation and success.


Berd Trading SRL is an authorized distributor in Romania of Thermo Scientific.

Laboratory solutions or integrated production process control solutions are available in all the basic fields of the economy: chemistry, metallurgy, geology, petrochemicals, cement, medicines, environmental protection, polymers, agriculture, biotechnology, semiconductors, health, education, forensics.

Thermo Scientific is a world leader in the field of analytical instruments used for the analysis of materials. If they are present in inorganic form (cement, metals, ores, oxides) or organic (petroleum products, polymers, food products, beverages, pharmaceutical products, various chemicals), Thermo is the only manufacturer that can offer a wide variety of techniques and analyzers elemental, phase or organic.

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   Our mission is to provide you with high-quality cost-effective solutions for ionizing radiation detection & measurement needs of the nuclear, environmental, and medical markets. An equally important part of our mission is the supply of the most modern radiation therapy equipment available, including gamma, x-ray, and Linac systems. We are carrying out our mission through the application of our extensive experience, knowhow, management techniques, and our partnership with leading manufacturers of radiation detection & measurement and radiation treatment equipment.

   We offer

  • Delivery of high-end radiation detection & measurement and radiation therapy equipment
  • Pre-sale consultation
  • Installation, training and after-sale support
  • Warranty service
  • Upgrades and modernization
  • Project management
  • Radiological protection consultancy

Str. Clejani nr. 18; BUCUREŞTI, Sect. 5, ROMANIA
Tel./Fax : +40 (0) 21 410.02.00, 410.02.06 
E-Mail : cpro@cpce. net;


Who we are

HISTERESIS S.R.L. was founded in 2007 and started working with VARIAN, now Agilent Technologies Vacuum Product Division, as an exclusive distributor for their products in Romania. Shortly, our company has gained the necessary trust and was rewarded the chance to be the exclusive distributor with successful sales figures for many companies that provide useful equipment from various fields of activity for research and industry.

HISTERESIS S.R.L. is specialized in the distribution of high-technology equipment both for scientific and industrial activities  on the Romanian market and in the Republic of Moldova. We have managed to extend our activity so as to cover various fields of activity from laser, optics and spectroscopy  to vacuum activity and cryogenics. Since 2016 we started to represent SPECS Group in Romania, leader in the market of scientific instruments for surface analysis, material science and nanotechnology.

What we do

We offer the necessary expertise for spotting the best solutions within the research projects developed within important fields of activity such as physics, chemistry, analytical and environmental sciences but also for university and high-school didactic purposes. We collaborate with and provide support to a wide range of universities, research centers, and industries.

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    HYPO Tech & Consulting specializes in providing equipment and consumables for a large variety of laboratories: physics-chemical, biology and microbiology, microscopy, nanotechnology, pathology and morgue, offering solutions and services based on the principle of complete integration of applications that meet the laboratory requirements, in areas such as: Research, Industry and Diagnosis. Relying on specialists with over 22 years of experience in implementing complex projects in Romania and Eastern Europe, we have selected in our portfolio only the manufacturers that ensure high quality and high-performance equipment, at competitive prices. HYPO Tech & Consulting also provides complete professional services with specialized staff throughout the entire project lifecycle: from professional consulting services in identifying the equipment and consumables that perfectly meet the customer requirements, to installation, training and warranty and post-warranty service. HYPO Tech & Consulting‘s product portfolio includes a wide range of general laboratory equipment or highly specialized equipment that meets the most demanding performance and quality requirements, such as: laboratory furniture, microscopes, incubators, thermostats, analytical and technical balances, rotary evaporators , gas generators, liquid nitrogen generators, shakers, centrifuges with / without cooling, heating / stirring plates, freeze-dryers, pure and ultrapure water systems, sample preparation equipment (automatic solid phase extraction systems (SPE), nitrogen concentrators), digesters, fume hoods, refrigerators, freezers and ultra-freezers, ultrasonic baths, water baths, microbiological safety cabinets and PCR laminar flow benches, peristaltic pumps for media distribution culture, automatic dilutor, automatic colony counters, ultrasonic homogenizers, automatic pipettes, autoclaves, UV-VIS spectrophotometers, laboratory consumables, equipment and consumables for pathology and morgue etc.

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Kurt J. Lesker Company® (KJLC®) is the leading global provider of exceptional customer service and high-quality vacuum equipment, with a goal of enabling the innovation, creation, and advancement of a vast array of products.

As a manufacturer and distributor of all things vacuum, focus is critical. That’s why KJLC has four divisions—each relentlessly tackling challenges that a specific application demands. But rest assured, even with our focus on progress and innovation that helps to create the future, we always keep sight of quality and environmental stewardship of resources, as well as an embedded commitment to customer satisfaction—that’s in our foundation.

Materials Division
Sputtering targets, evaporation materials (wires, pellets), evaporation sources, bonding services

Process equipment division.
Thin film deposition systems PVD (HV, UHV), ALD, glovebox integrated, cluster deposition, Torus magnetrons, and power supplies.

Manufacturing division
Vacuum chambers (spherical, box, cylindrical), from Stainless steel, aluminium, Mu-metal, customer tubes and nipples

Vacuum mart division
We offer a full range of over 14,000 basic vacuum components, such as flanges, fittings, pumps, fluids, valves, feedthroughs, and traps. Dependable delivery and superior customer service make this division the go-to source.



   Professionals with years of experience in the field, the team has more than 15 years of activity delivering research instrumentation for nanotechnology applications. During these years we have contributed to the introduction to the Romanian market of several manufacturers – world leaders in their respective field, the design and implementation of technical solutions unique in the world while providing our customers with complete technical solutions together with support and advice. We strive to become active partners in research activities not only by supplying products, but also by providing know-how with research methods and most effective ways of conducting research with the instruments we provide.

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 SC NANOTEAM SRL – a Romanian company established in 2016, a passionate team providing the scientific community with the most cutting‑edge nano‑scale analysis tools available.

  Main principles and core values of the company are to approach customer’s needs individually, providing top products for AFM / STM Atomic Force Microscopy in both high and ultra-high vacuum and atmospheric pressure, Electron Microscopy (SEM and TEM), accessories such as EDS – WDS – EBSD – Cryo – CL, Raman confocal microscopy, PVD – PLD – CVD thin film deposition systems, carbon and graphene nanotube growth systems (PE-CVD), XPS vacuum characterization systems, UPS Auger, Esca and others, Mass Spectrometry, SIMS, MC-ICP-MS, Nanolithography, NMR – Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometers, Plasma Treatment Systems, LASERs and more.

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     Quality, efficiency, and innovation through specialized educational programs are some of the core values of Ronexprim. The technological complexity of the products and the high quality of the services offered for the Romanian market are based on a long-term experience of a professional team and a very strong relationship with its world-class business partners. That leads to an excellent customer experience consolidating brands loyalty, pioneering this innovative field of technology since 1991.

   A wide range of professional services were developed and carefully adapted for the Romanian market. Starting from the specialized consultancy and technical assistance for equipments, configuration, integration and installation, covering warranty and post-warranty maintenance to customer employee’s professional trainings, providing the latest software and hardware upgrades, the company is well recognized as one of the most efficient companies in their segment of activity on the Eastern European market.

  Ronexprim is offering an extensive portfolio of products which are integrating world’s latest technologies, for example: electronic microscopes, spectrometers and diffractometers, specific equipment for physio-chemical analysis of various materials including sample preparation systems and certified reference materials, and is also offering calibrators, monitoring and automation processes systems and equipment, consultancy and assistance for various projects related to weighing and dosing, and many more.

   Nowadays, the company represents most of the market – leading international manufacturers, with particularly high standards, including Thermo Fisher Scientific, Ametek, Kleindiek, Malvern Panalytical, Edinburgh Instruments, Trace Elemental Instruments, Krüss GmbH, Zeltex, Milestone, Getinge, LGC Standards, Cole-Parmer, Keysight, Fluke, Rigol, Powerside, RaySafe, Beha Amprobe, Seaward, Sonel, Elspec, Thermoteknix, and many more. Ronexprim has earned an exceptional reputation for its expertise in the latest generation of equipments and has a strong, well-trained team. The company received an impressive number of national and international awards that confirm the professionalism of Ronexprim’s team.


SC Ronexprim SRL Str Cotiturii, nr 5, sector 1, Bucuresti, ROMANIA Tel/Fax: +40 – 21 314 35 99, 98, 97, 96 / +40 – 21 313 62 44 E-mail:



    Shimadzu provides a broad range of analytical instruments indispensable for research, development, and quality control in a variety of fields. Our high-level, sophisticated product range includes Gas Chromatography (GC), Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GCMS), Liquid Chromatography (LC, HPLC, UHPLC), Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LCMS), Ultra-fast Mass Spectrometry (UFMS), UV-Vis-NIR, FTIR, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) and Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy,  Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-OES) and Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS), elemental and surface analysis systems, Particle Size, Life Science Lab Instruments, Total Organic Carbon Analysis (Sum Parameters), Material Testing and Measuring Technology. Our offer is rounded by Data management and Software systems.

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   SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH – A Story of Constant Innovation

  SPECS has more than 150 employees at its headquarters in Berlin and its subsidiaries in the USA, China and Switzerland. The company also has sales offices and international sales channels in more than sixteen countries. A team of scientists and engineers are involved in developing and producing scientific instruments for surface analysis, material science and nanotechnology. By constant innovation new techniques, components or system concepts are launched every year since more than 30 years, revolutionizing the field of surface analysis.

Contact SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH for further information.